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 How to Get Corfu :

1.  By Road 

                          Private Transport

Athens - Igoumenitsa 500 km  (9hrs). 

Patras -  Igoumenitsa 349 km  ( 5hrs).

Thessalonica  -  Igoumenitsa 500 km  ( 9hrs).

                          Public Transport

Athens (Bus Station Tel. +30 2105129443),  bus stops, Korinth, Patras, Agrinio and Arta.

Thessalonica ( Bus station el. +30 210510110), bus stops, Larisa and Ioannina.

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2. By Sea

                          Ferry Boats    ( Domestic Lines)

From Igoumenitsa departures are 6 am upto 10pm. In the summer season departures are on average every quarter of an  hour and the duration is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

                          Κλειστού τύπου Ferry Boats

Διάρκεια ταξιδιού κατά μέσο όρο 1 ώρα και 45 λεπτά.

                          International Lines to and from ITALY (Patra, Bari, Brindezi, Ancona, Venice)

Ferry lines

o                                         ANEK LINES

o                                         BLUES FERRIES

o                                         MINOAN LINES

o                                         FRAGLINES FERRIES


Departures from Patra to Italy visit the ports of Corfu or Igoumenitsa accordingly, as well as in the opposite journey  Italy to Patra.

Information is given by the port authorities of Greece,  Corfu (+30 266103265) Igoumenitsa (+30 2665022235) and  Patras (+30 2610341002).

3.  By Air

                          (CHARTERS FLIGHTS)

Corfu Airport is connected by chater flights to most european cities.

                          Internal Flights are available by OLIMPIC and AEGEAN Airlines from Athenes

Flight Informations :

1.        Athens  OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Τel. +30 2109616161  or from  Olympic Airways Site

2.        Corfu  OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Tel. +30  2661038694

3.        Corfu Airport " Ioannis Kapodistrias" Tel.+30 2661030180

4.        Aegean Airlines

Notice: Airoport Codes.

For Destination Code Airport set the above.

                          CFU AIROPORT CODE FOR CORFU 

                          ATH AIROPORT CODE FOR ATHENS